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Conceptual design / obtaining permits

Neopetrol Inženjering's participation in the project begins in the conceptual development phase, in order to provide the best technological solutions for the specific needs of the client, with optimized costs

Detail design

In this phase, we produce detailed documentation, in relation to customer requirements, results of analyzes, dimensioning equipment, all in accordance with standards and regulations, as well as with good engineering practice.


Design supervision is of great importance if you want to get appropriate interpretations of the project itself or its parts during the execution of works. In that case, our team in the role of Design Supervision is the right solution for you

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Who we are?

Neopetrol Inženjering doo is a private company engaged in design, consulting and engineering, founded in 2008 in Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

We offer design and consulting services in the field of production, processing and storage of oil and gas, as well as in the petrochemical industry.

We currently have 29 employees, of which 23 are engineers, working in 5 departments.

We have the following licenses for the preparation of technical documentation:

  • P031M1
  • P030E4
  • P031T1
  • P032M1
  • P032T1
  • P033M1
  • P052M1
  • 09/4 no. 217-691/18, i
  • 09/4 no. 217-690/18.

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Our Mission

Since its founding, Neopetrol Engineering has become a leading Serbian design company, providing exceptional scope and quality of services and technical knowledge through all phases of the project. Today, our company cooperates with state institutions and state and multinational companies around the world, participating in many projects.

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Our Vision

At any time, now or in the future, we do business with our clients regardless of their location - Neopetrol Engineering designs, executes and maintains capital projects on time, within budget, with a focus on client needs, teamwork and constant improvement of organization and business . Our company will continue to contribute to the success of our clients through our integrated and sustainable project approach. As an industry reference, we will demonstrate the know-how, commitment and inspiration to help our clients reach further and achieve their success.



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Quality Management System

The quality management system, applied to engineering practice and methods, as well as specialized engineers make Neopetrol competent for the implementation of very complex projects, with different contractual obligations.

Our projects are made and executed on time, within budget and with a constant focus on the needs of the client, supported by teamwork and constant improvement of the organization of work and business

Re-certification by an independent certification body is performed every three years, and revision once a year.

Quality statement

Read our Quality Policy Statement

State-of-the-art software

We use modern, up-to-date software solutions during the development of our projects. Neopetrol Inženjering invests significant funds in software packages that facilitate and reduce the number of possible errors in the preparation of technical documentation. It also invests in educating employees' both for the use of the mentioned software and in general

Our designers are trained to use a large number of specialized software such as:

  • AutoDesk 3D Plant Design Studio
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD Electrical
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD MEP
  • AutoDesk Advanced Steel
  • Hexagon Caesar II
  • Hexagon CadWorx
  • Chemstations ChemCAD
  • Aspen Tech HYSYS
  • PipeFlow Expert
  • Radimpex ArmCAD
  • Radimpex Tower
  • TraceCalc Pro
  • DIALux
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Knowledge. Qualification. Experience. We have it all


A large percentage of our employees have high education with bachelor or master degrees. Many of them have certificates of training for the use of specialized software that are used in the selection of project solutions, analysis and implementation of the process of creating technical documentation.


With over 20 engineers, highly skilled in their fields, we strive for a perfect results of quality and time used when creating project documentation. The process of creating technical documents is completely digitized, ie all operations are performed on a computer, using specialized software.


Our team has a perfect ratio of work experience and work force. With over 150 years of combined work experience, there is no problem for which we cannot find a solution. Collective knowledge sums designs and practices from wide range of technologies, both older and still functional, as well as new ones that are constantly improving.


Our leading engineers own design and construction licenses in their technical fields.

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Our work is recognized, not just by our clients

Since 2020, Neopetrol Inženjering's services are recognized as excelent even by Chamber of Commerce, Republic of Serbia.

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Check our Portfolio

Chinarevskoe GTU-3 inlet manifold & gas-condensate connections pipelines
Chinarevskoe Field, Kazakhstan / PM Lucas
N-E Tournaisain reservoir, gas-lift system development, phase 2
Chinarevskoe Field, Kazakhstan / PM Lucas
project preview
Plant for processing of a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons
Odžaci, Serbia / Standard Gas
project preview
Adaptation of instrument equipment, replacement of instrumentation impulse lines, heat tracing of impulse lines / electrical heat tracing of instrumentation lines, detail design
Brod, Bosnia And Herzegovina / Oil Refinery "Brod"
project preview
Oil Pipeline Construction for Connection to KTO Pipeline System
Kazakhstan / PM Lucas
project preview
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Banović Strahinje Street, 21000 Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia